To us, every part of your project is important. From script to screen, we have you covered for all of your visual effects needs.

Specializing in 2D compositing, we ‘finish’ whatever comes our way, applying the final touches that get your production ready for the screen. We’re known for our speedy turnarounds, often with many shots on very tight deadlines.


Legion compositors are the best in the business.

Through many decades of combined experience, our compositing artists are on call to build and rebuild your shots, using hundreds of disparate elements under short deadlines. The results are invisible and seamless – you’ll never know we were there.

Compositing - Scandal


It isn’t always feasible to create a blazing inferno in production. Which is fine. Our way is cooler.

Whatever your needs, Legion is positioned to tackle them in the best way possible. Via experience, deep understanding, and a worldwide workforce – all supported by a technologically sophisticated and secure pipeline – we ensure that the projects we work on are submitted on time, within budget, and to the highest level of quality.

Set Extension

We broaden your horizons. Well – all of your environments, actually.

Interior or exterior, night or day, when it’s not realistic to build on set, we build on screen. We’ve turned green backdrops into entire cityscapes and empty warehouses into hovering blimps. Even if the production isn’t set up for it on set, we can still take your shot and transform it into another world entirely.

Invisible CG

3D robots; holographic people; exploding heads – Legion takes cinematic visions from fantasy to reality.

Our artists have worked on some of the most challenging projects out there. At Legion they leverage this know-how to create dynamic visuals that go beyond looking cool – they enhance the narrative, and all without breaking immersion. At Legion, good CG means unnoticeable CG.

Complex Removals

Something in the shot that shouldn’t be? Wire? Rig? Grip? Camera reflections? Skyscraper?

We employ the most talented artists and compositors in the business. Whether it’s a small unwanted element that sneaked into the frame, or a complex and difficult rig used in aid of a stunt, we make it seem like it never existed.

Some shows and films we’ve worked on:

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