We welcome talented artists from anywhere in the world to contribute to our high-end CG and VFX work.

Legion artists work at their own location, whether it is a home office or a facility. They choose their own hours and they work in their own way.

Whether it’s a single shot or an entire series of a TV show, teams are tailored to the task at hand. Decentralized and united, we handpick top-tier artists most qualified for projects of all sizes.

This makes us the most effective and agile VFX team on the planet.

Legion artist H. Haden Hammond’s flexible hours mean more time spent with the family


Instead of one office, you’ll find Legion artists in all corners of the globe. They’re the best around – we know talent is too valuable to tie down.

Our Burbank, CA management office connects us all, but while Hollywood sleeps, artists deliver great work from wherever they call home.

The Process

Want to be a part of our pool of worldwide, highly experienced artists? Here’s how it works…

Kit up! Before you apply, you’ll need some industry-standard equipment. All artists will have to have their own machine and a setup that can handle 2k content at the very least – and 4k is preferred.
• Once an applicant is approved as a Legion artist, we provide them with everything they need to pass security checks and place them on the team.
• As jobs come in, we evaluate the number and type of talent we require
• Artists with skills most qualified for the project are contacted for availability, with work quantity depending on availability and skill set
• We provide artists with the bid for available shots, and if they agree that they have the right skillset to complete the task in the time/amount bid, we provide access for the source material and delivery

Working this way means we have the most effective team possible, tailored to the task at hand. We love to communicate, and make sure we collaborate every step of the way with the artists on the Legion team.

Nope. That’s not CG. Top compositor Kim Fogelberg’s career with Legion fits snugly alongside her love for the outdoors
(Yes! She really lives there!)



in your city

Legion are well on the way toward developing a top-secret project with potential to reshape the landscape of the visual effects industry.

It’s time to take the next step in the journey. We’re looking for an experienced programmer to join us in bringing this exciting vision into the world.

Freedom for creative people is really important to us – this role represents an opportunity for the right person to work 100% remotely.

To apply you should have:

– A personality!
– Fluency in C++ and/or C
– Experience with makefiles
– A Computer Science/Computer Graphics related degree or comparable professional experience
– The ability to create robust, maintainable code
– Experience using version control systems
– A creative mind comfortable thinking outside the box to solve problems



in your city

We often accept speculative applications at VFX Legion. If you’re a seasoned maverick of an artist looking to evolve your career in visual effects – no matter where you are in the world – send us an email.