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VFX Legion

VFX Legion is a Burbank-based visual effects studio specializing in providing episodic television shows and feature films with a full range of high-quality services that consistently get the most out of every budget.

Legion was launched in 2013 by creative director James David Hattin and a core team of senior managers and artists. The studio is founded on 20 years of post-production experience, with its creative team helming effects for hundreds of high-profile projects.

Our end-to-end approach to post has been called upon by an ever-growing number of feature films and notable television series. These productions trust Legion to create quality visual effects, efficiently turn around large, complex shot counts, and handle last minute revisions, all while coming in on time and under budget.

Hattin oversees a team of 70+ artists and support staff. Offering our creative partners a one-stop resource for a full range of visual effects services, from photorealistic CG environments built from the ground up, to expansive bluescreen set extensions, crowd replication, matte painting, dynamics, compositing, match moves, lighting, retouching, particle and fluid simulation – and whatever else your production requires.

Our shared artistic sensibility and high standards of quality come through in the caliber of our work and the attention to detail we give to every phase of the VFX process – from pre-production and budget through to on-set supervision and delivery.

Legion’s LA team is located at the industry’s epicenter and is deeply rooted in television and film industry culture, meaning our collective finger stays on the pulse of the industry. Along with our experience, scope of talent, and technical ingenuity, this enables Legion to anticipate paradigm shifts and stay ahead of the curve.

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