We are the

VFX Legion is a Burbank-based visual effects studio, created to provide episodic television shows and feature films with competitively priced services without sacrificing quality or efficiency.

We're deeply rooted in the culture and epicenter of the TV and film industries. Legion's shared LA sensibility and standards shine through in the quality of our work and level of service. Our collective finger is on the pulse of the industry. We anticipate paradigm shifts, and we're ready to react to them.

We’re a team of skilled talent with the scope, flexibility and technical ingenuity to turn around large shot counts at speed. We offer a mix of complex VFX, handle last minute revisions, streamline productions, come in on time and under budget, and consistently deliver high-quality VFX – whatever the project.

Meet the Leads

A central management facility in Burbank, California connects our worldwide web of senior artists. Here are some of the people you will be working with.

James David Hattin

Founder & Creative Director

Matthew Lynn

VFX Supervisor

Nate Smalley

Head of Production

Andrew Turner

Production Manager