Putting the Artist First


Visual Effects is all about the talent you have as a company. Computers don’t do the work, people do the work. Really talented people do really good work. We are fortunate to have a growing cadre of artists to help us out on our projects. The value should always be placed on the talent that makes your images, and the pipeline behind them.

This is a particularly chaotic time for Legion, we have 3 feature films going on at one time, a couple of commercial projects and a television pilot. So many things to do, but we have found some really talented people to help bring it together.

As a crowd sourced VFX company, it really depends on the crowd. A lot of the crowd has moved from the Los Angeles area to follow other passions, or simply escape the closure of so many houses around town. It has really been our pleasure to find these people who have moved all over the US, and give them a chance to do what they love at a fair rate.

We have spoken to people all over the world. Legion was originally intended to give Los Angeles artists an avenue to stay here and work. Yet it has become so much more than that. As our pipeline grows and we start integrating more and more 3D, we will be building a creative sandbox for any professional to bring their projects, any client to bring their project, and know… KNOW that it will get done by truly passionate people. People who love visual effects. People who can deliver amazing visual effects on budget and on time. </minirant>

One thought on “Putting the Artist First”

  • Hi, i like the idea of working from wherever the artist is comfortable. I have nearly 30 years of expertise, and operating a VFX company for last 20 Years. I think, that itself is an achievement. At core, I am a blend of creative, technical person, who enjoys my work. I have a rich expertise in many areas of the VFX and allied works. That involves advanced compositing in Nuke, Decent level of experience in DI Color correction, and Editing. I am very resourceful for VFX planning (concept development – shooting – post).
    Hope we can be part of your vision. Please let me know, how we can collaborate.

    My website, is as old as I can remeber (may be around 6 years. But I am doing a lot of cutting edge work, such as facial capture for re-creating a dead-actor, real time mocap with automatic lip sync, which is not reflected in the website)

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