At our core, Legion is a post-production company that does visual effects for film, television shows, commercials or any production that requires compositing, cleanup, 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics and more.


As a visual effects company, our primary focus is post-production. But questions arise: digital or practical? Our experience at the end will help you decide at the beginning how to keep costs down and ensure the best process for the best results in post. We know you have a budget and can advise on the best way to shoot within it.


Nobody likes to waste time or money. Our on-set experience with film crews and knowledge at the post-production level will ensure you shoot exactly what is needed for the VFX artists. Tracking points, reference photos, blue/green screen setup - you name it. We can be there to help your crew get the best shot possible.


It goes without saying, this is our raison d'ĂȘtre. We can work with you at the beginning and/or middle or just the end. We can make the job easier by being there at all stages of production but if the shot is missing tracking markers, we've got a few tricks up our sleeves.


The Legion team has experience at every level of post-production: feature films, episodic TV, corporate motion graphics - we can call upon any talent as needed for the job. Check out these clips of our work.



  • Stretch 2014
  • Ouija 2014
  • The Purge:Anarchy 2014
  • Reaper 2014
  • Mockingbird 2014
  • Horrible Bosses 2 2014
  • Swelter 2013
  • Jem and the Holograms 2015
  • Insidious 3: Into the Further 2015


  • Eye Candy 2015
  • Revolution 2014


A legion of talent brought together.

Legion is a collective of artists, producers and supervisors from all over the world that are coming together to do visual effects work under the banner of Legion. It serves as the pipeline to bring senior talent to any project.



As multiple VFX houses collapsed, we realized the business had to evolve. How could top tier talent continue to make a livable wage, not be required to relocate for jobs and guarantee the same level of work that studios require? Many things have changed and some of it for the better. Fast internet now permits a distributed group of artists to have everything they want while delivering top notch work to the client in the way they are used to. Legion lines up the talent on a per project basis, coordinates everything between the client and the artists and delivers a project like any traditional VFX house.


Once you are approved as a Legion artist, we provide you with the necessary paperwork to place you on the team. As jobs come in, we evaluate the number and type of talent we'll require. The top-tier artists with the skills most qualified for the show will be contacted for availability for the duration of the project. It may be a one-off shot for your particular skill or an on-going shot list depending upon the need. We provide you with the bid for available shots and if you agree you have the skill to complete it in the time/amount bid, we provide you with access for source material and delivery.




In addition to our extended team of visual effects artists, Legion's founding members are:


Phillip Broste
Compositor/VFX Supervisor
James Hattin
Compositor/VFX Supervisor
Nathan Matusda
Creative Technical Advisor
Kevin Shawley
Compositor/Data Management
Kyle Spiker
Compositor/Creative Design
Nate Smalley
VFX Producer/Head of Production
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