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Legion is the world’s first fully remote large-scale post-production and VFX studio. We work with a truly worldwide talent pool of innovators, creative thinkers, and problem solvers via state-of-the-art cloud technology.

We create visual effects for film, television, commercials, or any production that requires compositing, cleanup, 2D & 3D animation, motion graphics and more. Thanks to our global scale, we can easily meet the shifting demands, budgets, and timelines of contemporary filmmaking.

Legion’s global team has experience at every level of production. We can easily call upon a diverse range of talent across a diverse number of disciplines as the job requires.

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Legion is fully invested in any creative project from its very inception through to its end. From the word go we offer extensive VFX experience to help productions keep costs down, while also ensuring the best possible results in post. We work to understand your budget and goals, and advise the best way to shoot within these constraints without compromising artistic vision.


Our extensive on-set experience with film crews, combined with our understanding of the challenges faced at the post-production level, means we can help you to shoot exactly in the manner required to achieve high-end VFX results. From tracking points to green screen set up, we can be available to ensure you follow best practice and get the best shot possible, all without wasting valuable time or money.


Legion’s very raison d’être – we’re passionate about the post-production process and achieving the most impressive results possible. We focus on creating high-quality visuals that support the story while delivering that all-important “wow” factor. Even if we’re not able to control a shot on set, our global talent pool has the post-production experience, know-how, and VFX mastery to create triple-A visuals that truly immerse the audience.


From feature films to episodic TV, invisible VFX to motion graphics, we provide a range of services via a global talent pool of the world’s best artists.

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